Following are the procedures and documents that are required for termination from the MM2H program and withdrawal of the remaining of the Fixed Deposit:-

Step 1: Submit the following documents for Fixed Deposit Withdrawal:-

  1. Letter of Intention to withdraw Fixed Deposit due to termination from the MM2H program.
  2. Copy of main applicant’s passport (personal details and MM2H Social visit pass page only)
  3. Copy of Conditional Approval Letter
  4. Copy of Fixed Deposit certificate

To complete this process, 3 working days from the submission of complete documents takes place.

Step 2: Termination of MM2H

a) The applicant and dependents must be present at the time of Immigration Department/State Immigration Department.

b) Following documents should be brought by the applicant:-

  1. Letter of Intention to terminate from applicant
  2. Authorization Letter to withdraw Fixed Deposit from the Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia.
  3. Original Passport
  4. Original & Copy of flight ticket.
  5. I-Card (If applicable)

Further processing takes the time of 1 working day only.