Withdraw Fixed Deposit

MM2H participants are allowed to withdraw half of the fixed deposit only from the second year onwards for the expenses incurred in Malaysia such as to purchase a house and a car, for children’s education and medical purpose.

The following documents are required for Fixed Deposit Withdrawal:-

  • Letter of intention to withdraw Fixed Deposit Account.
  • Copy of MM2H visa.
  • Copy of Front page passport.
  • Copy of Fixed Deposit Certificate.
  • Copy proof of payment for residential property purchase (to submit of all pages of Sales & Purchase Agreement & receipt), Car purchase (to submit car grant title & receipt), Children’s education (to submit receipts), Medical expanses (to submit receipts).
  • Copy of Conditional Approval Letter.

This is to notify that the withdrawal is on a reimbursement basis and release of money will be based on the amount paid. Withdrawal of the  money can be made after the first year only and it will be effective from the date of the MM2H social visit pass. Also, if the applicant wants to withdraw the interest accrued on savings, then he/she has to indicate this in the letter of intention. All this process will take 3 working days from the date of the submission of the application.