Participants of MM2H can also apply for education in Malaysia. It is to notify you that tertiary educational institutions such as private colleges and universities require their students to have a student pass. Thus, MM2H dependants who wants to enroll in tertiary educational institutions are required to terminate their MM2H social visit pass in order to apply for the student pass to get the education in Malaysia. Some application guidelines for permission to study are given below:-

  • Applicant & Principal must be present.
  • Applicant must be under the age of 18 years. Above the age of 18 years old applicants need to apply for a student pass to study there.
  • Copy of approval letter & letter of Intention by Principal/Sponsor.
  • Completed Student Personal Data Form (available at Immigration Unit).
  • Original & Copy of Applicant’s Passport.
  • A Passport Size photo.
  • Letter of Acceptance from Public/Private Higher Education /Secondary School /Pre School or International School.
  • Copy of Principal’s Passport.
  • Letter from Ministry of Education (Except International School).