Property Purchase in Malaysia

This is to inform you that purchasing property is not expedient for participating in MM2H program.

Foreigners can purchase any number of residential properties but the minimum price is established by foreigners of different states of Malaysia. The rates start from RM 500,000 per unit for most states, from 1st January 2010. Also, must check the state laws before making any step in the property purchase as land is a state matter.

Well, we advise to buy homes which have issued certificates of fitness with it. If you want to purchase from developers directly than make assure that the company is reputable or not. For a list of reputable project developers or companies, you can contact the Malaysia property for further convenience.

Another thing that should keep in mind while purchasing a property is that your lawyer does a thorough check with the local land office and make sure that the purchased property is placed under your personal name or not.