Johor Bahru

Johor is the fifth largest state of Malaysia. Its capital is Johor Bahru. With an approximate population of 3,348,283, it is a highly developed state that provides all the facilities.


This state of Malaysia is surrounded by Pahang to the north side, Malacca and Negeri Sembilan to the northwest side, and the straits of Johor to the south that separates Johor and the Republic of Singapore. This exquisite land also shares its maritime border with the Riau Archipelago from the east and the Riau Mainland on the west by the South China Sea and the Strait of Malacca respectively.


This land has 8 large islands with numerous smaller ones such as Pulau Aur, Pulau Besar, Pulau Dayang, Pulau Lima, Pulau Pemanggil, Pulau Rawa, Pulau Tengah, Pulau Sibu and Pulau Tinggi.


The average annual rainfall is 1778 mm and the temperature of the place varies from 25.5 degree Celsius to 27.8 degree Celsius. Humidity is ranging between 82 and 86%.


Johor cuisine is famous all over the country. A variety of cuisines are there, some of them are Laksa Johor, Mee Bandung Muar, Penganan Kacau Keledek, Mee rebus, Arisa, Satay, Telur pindang, Roti Jala, Nasi Beriani Gam, Ikan Masak asam pedas, Kacang pol, Pisang salai, Otak-Otak, Mee Bakso, Lontong, Burasak, Halwa Maskat, Pecal, Pendaram, Mee siput, Air batu campur, etc. These are the lip-smacking dishes.


A number of religions are performed here such as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, China, etc. Different origin people performs their different religions as well as culture.


The main language of the country is Malay. Other languages are also spoken but that depends on their origin. Johor Malay is the main language of this state.

Folk Dance

A number of folk dances are there, but the popular one’s are Zapin and Kuda. It performed mainly on the special occasions or during the festival season in the state.

Major Tourist Attractions

Some of the popular tourist attractions are Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque, Tebrau Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple, Desaru, Johor Bahru, Endau Rompin National Park, Kota Tinggi, Kukup, Muar, Danga Bay, Pekan Air Panas, Bandar Nusajaya, Ayer Panas Waterfall, etc. Many national parks and wildlife centers are there that are visited by most of the people.


Several ports, airports, railway tracks, roads, etc. are there and well developed. They used for the transportation purposes by many people. Major ports are the Pasir Gudang, Port of Tanjung Pelepas and the Tanjung Langsat port. The Senai International airport is the major airport that connects to the various states of Malaysia as well as other countries.

Thus, this state of Malaysia has several qualities that are unique enough to explore or to spend some time of the life to rejuvenate.