Kelantan, Malaysia

Kelantan is a state of Malaysia whose capital is Kota Bharu. It is located in the northeast of Peninsular Malaysia. 1,459,994 people live in this state. Kelantan means the land of lightening.


This state is bordered by Narathiwat Province of Thailand to the north, Terengganu to the southeast, Perak to the west and Pahang to the south. It rises on the slopes of Gunung Korbu which is the highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia.


Trunk road was the first road that built to link it with nearby states. Presently, number of ways are there to travel from one place to another. Ports, airports, railways and roads are the ways through which one can travel comfortably.


The climate of the state is good as the temperature varies from 21 to 32 degree Celsius. Intermittent rain is there throughout the year. From November to January are the wet season of this state.

Ethnic Groups

Various ethnic groups are there such as Malay, Kelantanese Malay, Thai, Chinese, Orang Asli, etc. Most of them are Malay or Kelantanese Malay as it is the oldest ethnic group in this state.


As there are different ethnic groups, so the religion performed by them is also different. Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, etc.. are some of the religions that performed by a number of people. Islam religion is the most common as it is the oldest of all.


Cuisines of Kelantanese are heavily influenced by the Thai cuisine. It is quite popular among Malaysians. Many visitors come to Kelantan only to taste the special delicacies as it cannot be found elsewhere. Some of the popular cuisines are Nasi, Dagang, Nasi Kerabu,  Nasi Tumpang, Ayam percik, Nasi Berlauk, Nasi Ulam, Keropok, Keropok Lekor, Laksa Kelantan, etc.


Kelantan is known for its incredible culture. Malay culture is the popular one or practiced by most of the people. Some of the popular cultural practices are Dikir Barat, Wayang Kulit Kelantan, Wayang Kulit Melayu, Mak Yong, Menora, Main Puteri, Wau Bulan, Gasing, Silat, bird singing competition and handicrafts.