Why Malaysia My Second Home

Why Malaysia My Second Home

Malaysia is located in the heart of South East Asia and reflects the essence of Asia in different manners. An exquisite amalgam of cultures of Malay, Chinese, Indian and the influences of the British, Dutch, Portuguese and Thais, all can be found in this destination that makes it a wondrous land of South East Asia. This land has so much to see, to do and to experience as it is filled with natural beauty, exciting adventures, sporting events, cuisine, friendly people, etc.. So, there are many reasons behind living on this majestic land,  just take a look at some of them:-

Governmental Support

Government support is always there as the program itself was initiated by the Malaysian Government. So, the government supports the applicant in all manners. It is making efforts continuously to improve and ensure the success of the MM2H program efficiently.

 Culture & Language

The language of Malaysia is Malay which is also the national language of the country. English is the second language that is spoken by a number of people. Other languages are freely used and practiced by several people. Similarly, the culture of Malaysia is also dominant in the country. The Malays are the dominate race, so the culture of the Malays is at a peak. But, one can practice their own cultures freely. Thus, a free intermingling of different cultures is there.

Recreation & Entertainment

This majestic country has everything for the family whether it is the theme parks or the water sports, all are there that makes the life more rejuvenating. Some of the adventurous places are theme parks, jungle trails, sports, water sports, etc.. Also, it is popular for the several golf courses.

Food & Fruits

As the country is venturing the MM2H program, so the cuisine in the country is of an international nature. It is available there at a reasonable cost. Different races and cultures living together here so, it is understandable that each race has picked up best of each other’s food. All this made the Malaysia, Asia’s Food Paradise.

Fruits are the other thing that makes the land unique. Tropical fruits of Malaysia are available in abundance throughout the year. To savor these fruits is a real joy.


Shopping is the part of each person’s life. Malaysia is a hub for shoppers. From high end couture to the ethnic handicrafts and the internationally acclaimed pewter ware are there that makes the country unique in shopping materials. Several malls and hypermarkets are there that are shopping cum fun place. Also, you can indulge in the excitement of bargaining in the night markets or pasar malam which is an interesting feature of local life. During the annual mega sales, one can surely enjoy the fantastic discounts and special offers.


Annual statistics proved that Malaysia is one of the safest countries in the world. Crime rate is relatively low  here that makes the life more secure.

Standard of Living

Malaysia is the country which has one of the highest standards of living in the South East Asia. Either it is the modern infrastructure or highly developed bungalows, all make this country a standard living place.

Cost of Living

Cost of living which is the main factor of immigrating person is relatively low. All this is due to the Government’s effort in keeping the inflation rate low enough to make the best life possible.


The infrastructure of the country is well developed. Modern roads, trains, air and sea transportation systems, all are well developed. Public transport is also available there such as buses, taxis, trains, etc.. that makes the travel comfortable, efficient and the most important one is affordable.


As we discussed earlier that this country is a fusion of three oldest civilizations-Malay, Chinese and Indian, so the country is rich in the traditions, communities, etc.. The behavior of the people is so calm and humane that gives the city one more point to reside here.

Health & Wellness

To rejuvenate oneself, many things are there in the country such as spas, pubs, etc.. Malaysia is famous for its large number of spas. From traditional Malay massages to Indian Ayurvedic massages are given to the tourists as well as the local people. Acupressure practices are also there which is a real backdrop of health & wellness in Malaysia.


Malaysia is also a right place for quality education. The fee structure is reasonable that attracts a number of migrants to this country. Several international schools are available in all the major towns of the country. Medium of instruction is English as well as other foreign languages. Private colleges as well as universities are there that offer quality education and twin program. It is growing fast in terms of the education system.


Residences are many such as terrace & semi detached houses, bungalows, apartments and condominiums. It spreads throughout the country at small distances. Some of the finest residences are also available in tourism zones like on beaches, near jungles, etc.. that makes the residence areas more adventurous.